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It is my mission in life to INSPIRE, IGNITE & to set YOU ON FIRE! to seek God’s calling in your life. A life that is full of passion & purpose – the life that YOU have been created for”.

~ Lynne Wade, The Motivational CEO

You’ve come to the right place at the right time. Here is where you’ll find just what you are looking for if you are ready to be transformed into what you’ve always wanted to be.

This is where

Passion Meets Purpose

I've been helping people find what lights them up since 2013. It is my burning desire to help people to live according to their calling. You'll often hear me say, “If you're not living in your calling, then you are simply existing!”

We all have a specific calling on our lives, but all too often, we get sidetracked into doing something that we are not really passionate about.

Tell me:

  • Do you love what you do?
  • Does it fulfill you at your core?
  • Does it spark joy?
  • Does it make you jump out of bed each day ready to face each new day?

If you answered no to any of these questions, let’ have a chat.

I feel so inspired, energized and motivated to follow my dream that I have had for a long time.
This workshop is awesome – I would recommend it to anyone looking to make a change in their life.

~ Kennita Perry

Excellent workshop for persons that may be experiencing a “lull” in their life.
Very appropriate in these lean times. Discovering one’s passion can lead to job creativity.

~ Shernette Wolffe

Lynne Wade was an excellent facilitator. Clearly this workshop is one of her passions.
Her personality, demeanor & presentation were on point, and I could easily be in her presence for a few hours.

~ Kathy Bean-Lewis

What I do​

I love to help people to live the life that they are destined for…a life full of passion and purpose!

I Coach

Empowering others, in and outside of the classroom, has been such a blessing. Transitioning from a mathematics teacher to The Motivational CEO, inspiring, igniting, and firing-up people to live the life that brings PASSION, PURPOSE, JOY & FULFILLMENT, is what lights me up. If your desire is to live a life that you rise up and embrace each morning, check out Individual Sessions to see which one fits you best! 

I Speak

Motivating and inspiring people to live their best lives fuels me. As a born story-teller, it's my calling to support others to live a life that is their innate calling….a life that is filled with PASSION & PURPOSE! I can't help but remind others that if they are not living according to their calling, then they are simply existing, or just going through the motions. Don’t wait! It would be an honor to speak at your next event leaving your audience wanting more!

I Motivate

I was born a motivator! These days, we can all use some motivation and inspiration. Check out my blog, Motivational Moments, for the energy needed to get through the rest of the week!

"I first met Lynne over 10 years ago at a community event. It was quite evident from back then that she had a definite passion for helping others find their purpose and ignite their passion. I have been fortunate to witness firsthand her skill and acumen for motivating others as she shares her core teaching.

Over the years I have worked closely with her on personal and community projects, and wholeheartedly endorse her as a thought leader and lifestyle coach. Her vivacious presentation style is contagious and inspiring. She is a highly committed and dedicated thought leader. I have also taken her passion assessment firsthand and it has helped me confirm and further clarify my focus as an entrepreneur and leadership consultant.

If you are at the crossroads of finding your life’s calling Lynne Wade will take you through a journey of discovery that will help you focus on your true purpose and passion."

~Dawn Kirk
Founder/CEO, Market My Training Solutions LLC