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My Story

I'm grateful to be able to live a life that I am passionate about. Between teaching, creating lingerie bags & masks and supporting women in identifying what lights them up, I can't wait to get up in the morning.

It wasn't always that way though. I used to watch sooooo many people live their dreams, loving what they were doing. I wanted THAT! I dreamed of living a life that excited me and filled me up!

Lynne Wade

When I look back, I remember falling in love when I took my first sewing class. It spoke to a deep part of my being, even as a young person. I just knew that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. One day, I excitedly told someone I cared about what I wanted to do with my life. This well-meaning person, through their own life view and who I am sure now was trying to protect me from disappointment, responded in a way that crushed my dream. I allowed it to discourage me from pursuing anything in that field.

Eventually, I earned a BA degree in Communications/Public Relations in 1989. For my first job, I didn’t work directly in PR, but had the opportunity to work in advertising for a local retail store and newspaper. In both jobs, I tapped into my creative side and learned a lot about the amazing field of graphic arts, that I continue to use today. I love creating flyers, invitations, vision boards, etc., as I really enjoy taking a concept and turning it into a work of art!

In 1997 I earned an M Ed. in Mathematics. My journey as a mathematics teacher began in 1998….23 years later, I still love to help my students have “AHA math moments”. There’s something very gratifying when I witness them making mathematic connections.

As the years went by, I kept being drawn back to my first love. Today, I make beautiful Lingerie Bags and COVID-19 masks. Being able to create in this way connects to the innate gift I was given because there is an insatiable need inside of me that isn’t fulfilled unless I am using my creative talent. It is something that I MUST DO!!! This is what I want for those that I am blessed to work with……fulfilling them with whatever it is that FILLS THEM UP!

Something else that has happened in the last few years is the growing desire inside me to help people reconnect with the things that they have either pushed down or never fully explored. Being able to help them get clear about what’s most important to them is such an honor. As they connect with their own desires, they're able to begin the next chapter with clarity and live a life they love….a life that is more fulfilling, more meaningful.

Feedback & Reviews​

”Although the workshop helped us to “dig deep”, it was not so invasive that it was embarrassing. It was a great learning experience.” 

~ Gaylhia LeMay

”It helped me to visualize that I can be what I want to be. Although Lynne is a good math teacher, she has many gifts.” 

~ Carla Cann

”A workshop only benefits when you’re ready to learn, and I was at that point in my life when I needed to realize my self-worth. The workshop made me focus on my passions to know that it can and will happen.”

~ Christina Jones

How We Can Work Together

I am waiting for you to make the decision that will change your life!

The “Purpose and Passion”, and “Loving Me Some Me!” workshops will set you on the path to your best life. Past participants and event planners have called me a phenomenal public speaker who will leave you wanting more.

If you are ready to embark on your personal journey that will inspire, ignite and set you on fire while becoming the person that you were created to be, personal 1:1 sessions are where you want to begin.


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